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Road Angel Gem +

Road Angel Gem +
Road Angel Gem + Road Angel Gem + Road Angel Gem + Road Angel Gem + Road Angel Gem +
Road Angel Gem +

The Road Angel Gem + is the most advanced system yet in the Road Angel range. Still offering up to the minute updates this unit also sports new features such as eAssist and an OLED screen. Comes with a simple but effect dash mount and inbuilt battery to allow for easy and discreet placement in the car, pre-loaded with data & ready to go! Now with a new look, screen enhancements and more customisation settings. 



Product Benefits

  • Audible & visual warnings
  • Full colour screen with easy-to-use interface
  • 100% UK legal
  • 12 month return to supplier warranty
  • Clear Display from OLED Screen
  • Accurate Speed Limit Display thanks to SpeedShare
  • Piece of mind from eAssist
  • Easy, personalised set-up via menu system
  • Increased safety from blackspot alerts
  • Reasurance from camera alerts
  • Live camera alerts through CameraShare
  • Always know the speed limit
  • Store personal alerts to suit individual needs

Loaded with the UK’s most accurate safety camera and blackspot database, Road Angel Gem automatically updates these locations every few minutes as you drive, thanks to on-board Connected technology.

Road Speed Limit Display

Often wonder what the speed limit is of the road you are driving?

Worried you might be caught speeding because there are no signs telling you what the limit is?

Road Angel Gem Plus has the UK’s most accurate database of road speed limits. By displaying the speed limit in the bottom left hand corner of the screen as you drive (even if you’re not approaching a road hazard), it will give you peace of mind and help you keep safe on the roads.

The SpeedShareTM feature also let you advise new or revised road speed limits at the touch of a button.


eAssist is a revolutionary new feature that connects you to an emergency response call centre, should you be in an emergency situation. Developed to protect drivers and provide a rapid response service, eAssist lets you communicate with an operator who will contact the relevant emergency services, dependent on your needs.

Your location is automatically sent to the call centre so they can accurately pin-point your location and direct response services accordingly.

The first of its kind in the UK, eAssist will give you that extra peace of mind, helping to protect your life and livelihood.


There are thousands of sites throughout the UK where Safety Camera Vans can sit and monitor the speed of drivers. Whilst these sites are known and included within the Road Angel database, no one knows when or where the vans will appear.

By using the unique CameraShareTM feature, Road Angel Gem allows connected Road Angel users to share the LIVE locations of camera vans at the press of a button.

If a member of the Road Angel community drives past a live location in the following 2 hours, a live camera van alert will sound.

How’s that for social networking!


You may not be aware, however there are over 250,000 miles of public roads and motorways in the UK – which is quite a lot!

Maintaining a database of accurate road speed limits is therefore quite a challenge. The field based Road Angel team spend every day updating the road speed limit database, however as there are so many changes it is inevitable that we don’t get them all.

That’s why we have introduced SpeedShareTM. This handy feature lets you advise us if you think a road speed limit needs changing. At the press of a button you can tell us of revised road speed limits, which we will validate and update on our database.

With thousands of connected Road Angel users driving around the UK, you can rest assured you are part of a community that has the most accurate road speed limit, safety camera, and road blackspot information available

Automatic Updates

Road Angel Gem Plus has an in-built SIM card similar to a mobile phone, which allows data to transfer to and from the Road Angel computer servers ‘over the air’. This allows us to send you updates to our safety camera and blackspot database every few minutes as you drive.

Providing you with up to date and accurate information ensure you are kept well informed, and most importantly, safe on the roads. By utilising ‘Connected’ technology, Road Angel Gem truly is the next generation in road safety products.

Computer Requirements

This unit is self updating, but to perform firmware updates you would need a computer of the following specifications. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible, PC update through USB does not currently support the Apple Macintosh operating system.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Road Angel
Available Outside the UK? Yes
In the Box

What's in the Box

Road Angel Gem+ unit
Dashboard mount
1 metre USB charging lead
240V/50Hz mains charger adaptor
12/24V car USB charger adaptor