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Tom Tom Rider UK & EU

Tom Tom Rider UK & EU
Tom Tom Rider UK & EU Tom Tom Rider UK & EU Tom Tom Rider UK & EU
Tom Tom Rider UK & EU
This is the Tom Tom Rider Motorcycle sat nav built in a rugged weatherproof case with a glove friendly screen the Tom Tom is built with the safety and ease of the rider to use easily on their motorbike.


Features of the Tom Tom Rider:

Lifetime Maps Feature

The tom tom will update itself and download the latest maps which means there will be no wrong turns.

Speed Camera Locations

The Tom Tom is aware of fixed speed camera locations and will notify the user when there is one inbound.

IQ Routes

The Tom Tom is able to plan the fastest route possible based on the amount of traffic reported on each road and any shortcuts it can find.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Shows clear and accurate lane directions at junctions and is capable of a 3D view to make it even easier.

Planing a Thrill

This feature will allow the user to select a route which is not necessarily the quickest but has more turns and adventurous roads for better entertainment.

Point of Interest

The Tom Tom will take you to other peoples points of interest so you can see what it looks like for yourself.

PC Route Management

Pre-plan your route on the PC then simply edit or save the route and upload it to your Tom Tom device or send it to your friends before you head out!

Built For Bikers

The Tom Tom is built with bikers in mind meaning it has a glove friendly, waterproof screen.

Bluetooth Instructions

For extra safety the Sat nav can communicate the directions and instructions via Bluetooth so you don't need to take your hands off the wheel.

Sunlight Visibility

The larger screen allows better colour selections and clearer images during the heights of sunshine.

On/Off With Ignition

The tom tom can be set to turn on or off when the ignition is on or off which means it is ready when you are.

Hands Free Calls

Connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and the sat nav can call hands free while your on the move.

Charging Bike Dock

The charging bike dock means the tom tom can be charging while you are riding.

Car Mounting Kit

This handy kit is for bikers who may need to use a car after they have used their bike, with this kit you can simply go from having a bike sat nav to having a talking car satnav with the built in speaker inside the dock.


For short periods of time it is safe to leave the Tom Tom mounted to the bike with the anti theft solution so you have piece of mind.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Boxed Weight (kg) No
Brand Castle Group
Available Outside the UK? Yes