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Headsets - Pillion Buddy

Twin packs of Motorcycle Communication Headsets designed for Motorcyclist & Pillion or Group Motorcyclists.
These devices enable motorcyclists to connect to Sat-Navs, Mobile Phones, Multimedia Devices (such as MP3 players and iPods), and other motorcyclists.
The devices in this category come with at least two headsets. If only a single device is required, please take a look in our Single Pack category.

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  1. Autocom Air x2 kit

    These intricately designed headsets are simple to operate, the new Autocom air headsets are sure to impress even the most demanding rider . Unlike other Bluetooth headsets which fix to the side of the helmet, the in-helmet design means it fits into the collar of any helmet without it being visible on the inside or outside of the helmet and the look, performance and integrity of your helmet are never compromised. It’s modular design allows all key components to be user replaceable (microphone, speakers and battery). This in turn gives significantly extended product life and fantastic value for money. Each air headset will effortlessly connect to a passenger unit, smartphone (for calls and streaming music), GPS or another bike with a crystal clear sound. Learn More
  2. Autocom Logic Kit 2 for Rider & Pillion

    Logic Rider & Pillion enables you to easily speak to your passenger and receive a clear response without interference. It's features also allow you to listen to your favourite music, make phone calls, and even pick up your GPS instructions; all while you are riding! Learn More
  3. Autocom SPA Kit 2 for Rider and Pillion

    If you are looking for a super powerful processor which allows the passenger to connect to the system , then this is the product for you. It will allow you and your passenger complete independence during the ride. Learn More
  4. Spare/Replacement Battery

    This 3.7V battery can be used as a replacement or spare for your Autocom Air Kit 1 and 2. Simply clip your new battery into the connector and reap the benefits of communication on the go! Learn More
  5. MHF6 - Shark Bluetooth Rider 1000m Connect 3 Ultra

    Key Features:
    Rider to Pillion -  Bluetooth or Wired
    GPS and Multimedia Connectivity - Bluetooth or Wired
    Bike to Bike Communication - Yes
    Connection Range - 1000m
    Talks Simultaneously to - 2 People
    Pairs to - 3 Devices
    Battery Life - 8 Hours Learn More
  6. MHF9 - Shark Bluetooth Rider 1500m Quad Talk Simultaneous

    Key Features:
    Rider to Pillion -  Bluetooth
    GPS and Multimedia Connectivity - Bluetooth or Wired
    Bike to Bike Communication - Yes
    Connection Range - 1500m
    Talks Simultaneously to - 4 People
    Pairs to - 4 Devices
    Battery Life - 9 Hours

    In the Box:
    2 x MHF9 Unit
    2 x Hi-Fi Stereo Headsets with Mic.
    2 x 3.5mm Audio Cable.
    2 x UK Mains Adapter
    2 x Helmet Mount

    Learn More
  7. Scala Q1 Teamset Kits

    The Scala rider Q1 Bluetooth Teamset offers you a NEW stylish and sleek design to Motorbike communications, and it's capabilities include the ability to connect to 2 mobile phones, any Bluetooth stereo or music players and GPS systems. This system comes with as built in FM radio and can have a cable that plugs into MP 3 devices that do not support the Bluetooth that it runs on. If you and your fellow rider would like to listen to the same music at the same time then that is possible via the music share abilities of the Q1 also there are options to spontaniously connect with other nearby Scala users! Learn More
  8. Scala Rider G9X Power Set

    Cardo Scala Rider G9x - will get YOU on the road with your Friends and enjoy the incredible new concept of social motorcycling. The “1+8” Intercom lets you connect with 8 other motorcyclists via hands-free Voice Command within a 1.6 km radius (depending on ground conditions). Intelligent Voice Recognition Technology means you never have to take your hands off the handlebars. With the G9x, you can also have conference calls using the 4-way Intercom, as well as being able to chat spontaneously to motorcyclists you come across along the way, using the Click-to-Link® function. Learn More

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