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  1. A300 Wristband

    The A300 Wristband is an interchangeable band that allows you to customize the look and mood of your fitness tracker.

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  2. Polar A360 Changeable Wrist Strap

    This is the Polar A360 Changeable Wrist Strap which allows you to blend your Polar A360 with your personal style. You may choose your signature colour or an alternative to suit your mood or outfit. Learn More
  3. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

    This is the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with wrist-based heart rate. It is waterproof and is the first to have both a wrist-based heart rate monitor and Polar personalised training guidance, also 24/7 activity tracking. There is even smartwatch features like a colour touchscreen and smart notifications. You can take it everywhere, it is ready when you are. Learn More
  4. Polar Adjustable Bike Mount

    Polar Adjustable Bike Mount allows you to mount the polar wrist unit on the handlebars of the bike. It offers a perfect view of the training data during its execution.

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  5. Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale

    This is the Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale. It is more than just a smart scale as you can hook it up with a Polar activity tracker and the free Polar Flow health and fitness app which makes it simple to manage what you eat and how you exercise. The balance is a whole service which will help make your weight management journey happy and successful. Learn More
  6. Polar Battery Set for CS400/CS500/CS600

    Replacement battery set for the Polar CS400, CS500 and CS600/X bike computer.

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  7. Polar Battery Set for FT7 / FT4

    Replacement Battery Kit for the Polar FT7 and Polar FT4.

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  8. Polar Battery Set for HR Sensors/FT/RCX3

    Replacement battery kit for HR Sensors/FT/RCX3.

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  9. Polar Battery Set for RS400/RS800/RCX5

    Replacement battery set for RS400/RS800/RCX5.

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  10. Polar Battery Set for Running Stride Sensors

    Battery replacement for Polar products.

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  11. Polar Cadence sensor Bluetooth® Smart

    Boost your cycling performance and find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is. The sensor works with Bluetooth® Smart technology and consumes only a little energy. You can later analyze your training at the Polar Flow web service. Learn More
  12. Polar Cadence Sensor™ W.I.N.D.

    The most practical way of measuring your cycling session is with our advanced wireless cadence sensor. It measures your pedaling rate as revolutions per minute in real time and average time so you can compare the technique of your ride against previous rides. Learn More
  13. Polar Datalink

    The Polar Data Link makes it easy to transfer data from your training computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com.

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  14. Polar Flowlink

    Polar Flowlink is designed to make it easy to transfer data between the training computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com. Simply connect it to a Mac or PC with its USB connection and away you go.

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  15. Polar G5 GPS Sensor

    This is the Polar G5 GPS sensor which provides accurate distance and speed measurement for a wide range of outdoor sports. It has been designed to be light and easy to wear and have a GPS clip. After you have completed training you will be able to see your route on a map with compatible software/web service. At 34g they are ultra light and are small at 39 x 64 x 12 mm. They measure speed, pace and distance and also record accurate GPS positioning. The G5 GPS sensor is powered by a rechargeable battery via a micro USB and has a 20 hour life. Learn More
  16. Polar G5 GPS Armband

    The elastic armband for your Polar G5 GPS sensor (sold separately) is easy to attach and comfortable to wear. The sensor slips into the pocket and keeps up with your training in any outdoor sport. The armband can be adjusted to the perfect size for your convenience.

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  17. Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor

    Comfort is the key when training. That’s why Polar created the slim H1 heart rate sensor. It not only measures your heart rate but also seamlessly adapts to your body shape, so you can forget you are wearing it and focus on working out. Learn More
  18. Polar H2 HR Sensor M-XXL GEN

    Getting started with your Polar H2 heart rate sensor is easy. First, make sure you thoroughly wet the electrodes on back of the strap with water and snap the transmitter into place. Then wrap the strap around your chest. Adjust the strap length to fit snug, but comfortable. Check that the moist electrode areas are firmly against your skin and that the Polar logo of the transmitter is in the upright position. When you are finished with your workout detach transmitter, rinse the strap with water and hang dry. Learn More
  19. Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor

    Make the most out of every training session with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor. It provides real-time heart rate to compatible mobile training apps, including Polar Beat and Polar Flow, via low energy Bluetooth Smart technology. Also connects with the majority of Polar heart rate monitors on the market and compatible gym equipment. Includes a soft fabric chest strap size M-XXL (30-45 Inch) that seamlessly adapts to your body shape. User replaceable battery. Includes limited two-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn More
  20. Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor

    The Polar H7 heart rate sensor provides live heart rate on the Polar Team app. The Polar H7 is a combo heart rate sensor that also connects to many Polar products as well as compatible gym equipment. The kit includes 10 sensors. Includes also a sensor folder for storing the sensors, a washing pouch, stickers for marking the sensors with player’s shirt number and 10 spare batteries. Learn More
  21. Polar Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart

    When Polar and LOOK combined forces, they introduced a completely new way to measure cycling power output with clipless pedals. Now we’ve made the cycling power meter even better so that you can truly develop your cycling performance and technique. Perfect for ambitious cyclists, this cycling power meter uses Bluetooth® Smart technology and consumes very little power.

    The set includes two pedals and two power transmitters.

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  22. Polar Kéo Power Essential Bluetooth® Smart

    The Kéo pedal power meter is for serious riders. Develop your cycling performance and technique to the maximum with this pedal power meter that attaches easily to the pedals of your bike. Learn More
  23. Polar Loop 2

    This is the Polar Loop 2 which is a stylish and waterproof activity tracker and makes you move. It is an elegant wristband which tracks your daily activity and even sleep whilst motivating and guiding you towards better fitness and health. You can also receive motivating guidance on how to reach your goal. Learn More
  24. Polar Loop Crystal

    This is the Polar Loop Crystal which is like a piece of jewellery, but it has intelligence inside. The activity tracker monitors your daily activity and even your sleep patterns and it motivates and guides you towards improved fitness and health. It is stylishly embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. Learn More

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