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Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor
Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor
Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor
Comfort is the key when training. That’s why Polar created the slim H1 heart rate sensor. It not only measures your heart rate but also seamlessly adapts to your body shape, so you can forget you are wearing it and focus on working out.


Polar H1 is Stylish, slim and very comfortable. It comes along with Chest Strap. It is a sensor and not a monitor. Thus, It doesn’t include the Wrist Watch. Most of the polar heart rate “monitors” come with H1 heart rate sensor.

  • Accuracy

    The H1 heart rate sensor is proven to be accurate. It transmits data in coded 5kz tranmission form. Thus, avoiding any interference from other devices.

  • Ease of Use

    It has a chest strap, that takes shape of your body. You don’t feel that you are wearing one. The material is soft like cloth. It comes in two sizes M-XXL and XS-S.

  • Combatibility

    As mentioned earlier, most of Polar products used H1 sensor. Hence it is compatible with models such as FT1, FT2, FT4,FT7FT40, FT60, FT80 and Polar Loop. You can view the reading in any of the compatible wrist watch.

    It has GymLink technology transmission, hence it is compatible with all gym equipment. You can as well view your reading on gym equipments.

    H1 doesn’t support data transfer using Bluetooth.

  • Additional Features

    • Water Resistance: Since H1 heart rate sensor uses GymLink, it can transmit data under water too. So good choice for swimmers.
    • Battery: It has user replaceable Lithium batteries.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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H1 Heart Rate Sensor