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Timing Devices and Gadgets for Leisure, Training and Competition Purposes

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  1. Castle 7.2mm Display Digital Stopwatch

    Simple stopwatch for single event timing with 7.2mm digit height on display. Learn More
  2. 12mm Digit Stopwatch

    Simple stopwatch for single event timing with 12mm digit height on display. Learn More
  3. Fastime Pro Sports Stopwatch 12mm

    Fastime 01 Stopwatch Timer with Extra Large Easy Read LCD Display - 6 Colours Available. This is an excellent entry level stopwatch which is suitable for event timing and sports games where cumulative split times may be required.

    Now available in Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, White and Green.

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  4. Polar A300

    The Polar A300 tracks your stepsm, distance, calories burned, and it comes with an inactivity alert to keep you moving. It also monitors your sleeping patterns, has a decent screen to display the information and it can pair with a bluetooth heart rate monitor.

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  5. A300 Wristband

    The A300 Wristband is an interchangeable band that allows you to customize the look and mood of your fitness tracker.

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  6. Polar M400

    The Polar M400 creates a sporty and functional training partner. It syncswith your mobile device and computer so you can make adjustments to to both lifestyle and training to reach peak performance. It has built-in GPS that allows youy to track distance, altitude, pace and speed. Also, it provides basic watch functions like time and date. 

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  7. Polar RC3 GPS

    A GPS sports watch for recreational runners and cyclists who want integrated GPS with smart guidance. Take your running to the next level with the new, slim and lightweight Polar RC3 GPS. It listens to your body and tracks your altitude, speed, distance and route in one compact package. Together with unique Smart Coaching features it’s GPS, only smarter. Learn More
  8. Polar RCX3 GPS with Polar G5 GPS sensor

    The Polar RCX3 GPS heart rate monitor is a multifunctional device made particularly for recreational runners and cyclists. It provides smart guidance through each training routine and gives immediate feedback after each session.

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  9. Polar Soft Strap

    The Polar Soft Strap is a lightweight chest strap for measuring heart rate.

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  10. Polar V650

    The Polar V650 is the smartest cycling computer with GPS you can possibly use while cycling. It displays and computes various ride data like heart rate, distance, speed and altitude. It gives more accurate GPS-powered speed and distance data. This i sbest for cyclists who want to analyze every aspect of their riding and boost their cycling performance.

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